What the Profession Says
Andrew Mallett: Professional Actor, London
Many congratulations on your success in maintaining and developing a[n Ibsen] project based on such high artistic ideals, seemingly uncompromised by the dark forces of mediocrity and so-called pragmatism. May it run and run.

A quote from your beloved Ibsen (can't remember where): "The essence of freedom is the fulfillment of one's vocation absolutely." Sounds to me Lissa as if you're free as a bird in glorious flight.
Marcel Marceau: Mime Extraordinaire
Hoping that Japan and its culture will bring light to your thirst for theatrical knowledge…You have a wonderful soul; I wish you to fulfill your aim.
Kunsu Shim: Avant-Garde Composer
we are often talking about our time in san francisco with you all [at the Actors’ Training Project]. it was really great time. i also learn many things during working with you together. how disciplined and at the same time how creative you all are!!!
Andrea Kapsaski: Director, Antitheatro; Producer, Ancient Theatre Alive! Festival, Athens 2001
Maria and I want to thank you for your marvelous support during all these months, your interest in our work, your great responses and... simply for being who you are, a great lady with an amazing background, a very interesting personality, a marvelous woman, both, in private and in the world of theatre. We've always enjoyed your sharp mind combined with understanding, knowledge and experience...we just want to tell you, how good we feel that there are people like you, and...our door is always wide open for you. Thank you, Lissa, good luck and be well!
A.A. Chandradasan: Artistic Director, Lokadharmi Theatre Group, Kerala
I am thrilled by the comments and congratulations you received [about our joint article]…Of course you are one of the catalysts for me...and I value that. Thanks for the real friendship, I value that a lot…I am so happy that you are having a great time in your work. Lissa, even bigger success is coming; I feel so. Regards from Shiva [Dr. H.S. Shivaprakash] and love from me.
H.S. Shivprakash: One of the leading poet/playwrights of India, Kannada
i will for ever remember the days i spent with u [at the Actors’ Training Project]. it was a great experience. i owe u a deep debt of gratitude for all that. how are ur students? what are u working on at the moment? chandradasan has forwarded to me ur highly perceptive response to my new play.
David Zinder: Professor, Univ. of Tel Aviv; International teacher, Michael Chekhov Technique
And since I am in the process of setting up my own studio, how about thinking ahead to possible exchanges?…I am truly impressed with your status [recognition as a teacher]—that's wonderful, and only brings home even more forcefully the fact that we really have a lot to talk about professionally. As soon as I know what's happening with my book I will send you a copy. It's all about movement as a primary tool for acting training...!
Alexandre Naoumenko: Teacher, Moscow Conservatory of Music; Tenor, now based in London
…If this independent school [for training singers in acting] is still alive (so much water under the bridge in Russia in the last six months) then it would be nice for Lissa to come to Russia to teach there, and to be introduced to the specifics of [director] Zhdanoff’s ideas. In essence, this is Lissa’s "thing." …I would be deeply interested in knowing what Lissa does in practical terms…I’d be happy if things happen smoothly and if they are in Lissa’s interest…

Please accept my congratulations on the seventh anniversary of the Actors’ Training Project…

…It is so difficult to do voice coaching for television news reporters. I am very interested in what you are doing with that?! I’m glad to hear that you are doing it…I think you will find a lot of the same problems with reporters. My opinion is that the basic subject—is breathing (the same problems that singers have!)…
Georges Porret: Teacher, Mind-Body Integration through Movement
Lissa is a very important woman.
John McConville: Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher; Co-Founder Actors’ Training Project
Dear Lissa and ATP students:

My heart and soul are with you as you prepare for the 15th Anniversary. I loved these nights, End of Term Recital, and I believe they are so integral to the work in the "classroom." Breathe, relax your muscles, and drop the hips!

Love, John Mc [Resident, Bangkok]
Stan Lai: Director; Founding Chair, Nat’l Institute of the Arts, Grad. School of Theatre, Taipei
Over the years I have followed Lissa’s academic and professional work as a reference to my own work in the theatre. Her achievements cross many boundaries, from Acting to Dance, from Music to Art, from California to Asia. She brings a global and multi-disciplinary view to her work, a multi-cultural knowledge well-suited to the teaching environment of today.

…She was already acting professionally [when we met in 1978]; in recent years, Lissa has devoted her time to teaching at her own acting studio in Oakland, California. During this time, she has displayed her outstanding teaching talents, which include exceptional communication skills, true concern for students and the community, and a profound understanding of the workings of the human mind and body. Through her intimate work with her students, she has developed an innate sense of the inner workings of the theatrical experience, which is an often-overlooked quality that to me is prerequisite to being a fine teacher in theatre arts.
The Former Yugoslavia
Omar Abu El Rub: Theatre Director
Thank you for your beautiful letter [to a professional discussion group] on Bill’s and my exchange of views on "respect for author." It really means a lot to me when I receive such a letter. More than you can imagine.

I am living in a very uncomfortable hard-breathing environment for artist today in here and recognition of my thoughts by my fellow spirit kind people from another side of the planet puts oxygen into my lungs…I also very, very much, much-much enjoy your writings and your spirit... My warmest regards